100 attended fourth peaceful BLM protest in downtown Warsaw

A gentleman plays a tune toward the end of Thursday's protest, prompting some of those in attendance to join in singing. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

Roughly 100 people came out to support the Black Lives Matter protest on Thursday afternoon in downtown Warsaw.

This was the fourth protest organized by Maria Medina and Ofelia Rios, who have been leading the way in getting the events together. Those in attendance heard stories from several different people, some of whom spoke at the June 3rd protest.

The protest remained peaceful on the Kosciusko County courthouse lawn for the two hour period it was held. It was met a couple of times by a motorcyclist, who revved his engine loudly while those in attendance were trying to speak to the crowd. On the motorcyclists third pass, he was shortly pulled over later by a police officer. There was no information on whether or not the motorcyclists was cited.

The next protest has yet to be planned.