2020 finishes on a dry note

Drought map for the Northern Indiana county warning area as of December 31st, 2020. (US Drought Monitor)

While rainfall was fairly generous in the first six months of the year, the last six have seen days few and far in-between when it came to precipitation.

Data from the Warsaw Airport Automated Surface Observing System (ASOS) recorded a total of 16.53 inches of rain. Assuming no rain falls on Thursday, the deficit of rain for the year will end at 22.35 inches. The only discrepancy that could be seen was the ASOS was down for roughly half the month in August, so some data is missing.

When compared to the drought of 2012, totals are close, but 2020 finishes with 1.55 inches less rain than 2012, which saw a total of 18.08 inches.

Breaking down the data by month, the first half of the year (January-June) recorded 12.65 inches of rain, which was about six inches below normal was it seen during that time.

JAN: 2.15″, FEB: 0.80″, MAR: 2.21″, APR: 1.75″, MAY: 3.88″, JUNE: 1.86″
First 6 months: 12.65″ (-5.93″)

In the last six months (July-December), only 3.88 inches of rain was seen, which is nearly sixteen and a half inches below normal for that span.

JULY: 0.90″, AUG: 0.47″, SEP: 0.42″, OCT: 0.80″, NOV: 1.07″, DEC: 0.22″
Last 6 months: 3.88″ (-16.42″)

Looking over the outlooks from the Climate Prediction Center heading into 2021, they are predicting both above normal temps and precipitation for January and through March. However, the Drought Monitor also indicates the drought conditions could last the next 3-6 months.