3 Years Work Release, 3 Probation Given For Thefts

Cory A. Conley was in court before Judge David Cates this morning to be sentenced for two felony level burglaries.
Conley, 22, of 812 E. Arthur St., Warsaw, was arrested twice in January for allegedly burglarizing local businesses Service Liquors, CVS and Dollar General. In October, Conley pleaded guilty to the two burglary charges. He was represented in court today by Joseph Sobek.
Cates  sentenced Conley today to three years of work release in Kosciusko County followed by three years of probation. While in work release, Conley must remain in good standing or he will be sent to Indiana Department of Correction for the remainder of the sentence.
While on probation, Conley must attend substance abuse meetings, cannot drink alcohol whatsoever and cannot go to CVS, Dollar General or Service Liquors. He owes $857.16 in restitution plus court costs.
According to Cates, Conley has a criminal history including a charge of operating a vehicle while intoxicated,  missing court dates and theft, going back to 2012. He must attend the substance abuse course due to his struggles with alcohol abuse.
Conley told the court that in the past 10 months since being arrested, he has taken steps to make up for his past mistakes. Conley said he is responsible for his young child and his girlfriend’s other children.
Cates countered that he had not seen or heard of any attempts by Conley to change as he had not paid any restitution yet.

(Story By The Times Union)