30,000 Hoosiers register to vote after Facebook launches reminder

The internet has more to offer than just cat videos.

Facebook launched a voter registration reminder last Friday. Since the launch, Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson reported a significant increase in online voter registration.

Since Friday, 30,000 Hoosiers have registered to vote online, according to the Office of Indiana Secretary of State. 

Facebook users 18 and older started to receive a reminder to vote. By clicking on the reminder, people were redirected to Indianavoters.com. Through that site, Hoosiers can register to vote, find their polling location and research who is on their ballot.

“Since Facebook launched its online campaign to remind Hoosiers to register to vote, we have seen substantially higher than normal online registrations,” said Lawson. “Friday was the third highest daily total ever for online registrations. I appreciate Facebook’s willingness to use its platform to encourage everyone to vote and hope Hoosiers continue to do so.”

The deadline to register is Oct. 11. Early voting starts in Indiana on Oct. 12. If you still need to register, go to Indiana Voter’s website.