35 dogs removed from Michigan City home

(photo supplied / WNDU)

35 dogs have been removed from a Michigan City home due to animal cruelty. One of the dogs was found dead.

The home on the 200 block of South Woodland Avenue near Elk Street is now condemned after violating 24 city ordinances.

Michigan City Police Sergeant Chris Yagelski tells WNDU that it’s a city ordinance violation to have three or more dogs in a home.

When police got a warrant for the house they found the animals in filthy conditions.

“Just horrible,” Yagelski told WNDU. “Honestly, it’s just a horrible situation when it comes to animals that are neglected or mistreated and we all have a warm spot in our hearts for animals and we see situations like this and the amount of feces and the amount of stench and just the conditions that were horrible to live in, not only for an animal, for an adult is just unacceptable.”

The 34 surviving dogs are being given medical attention. They will be treated and rehabilitated at area shelters.

WNDU reports the man and woman who lived in the house have signed off ownership of the animals and could face criminal charges.