Toddlers showcase cars at Edgewood Middle School dance

One of the events that would have taken place on the First Friday was the GoBabyGo! According to Abbi Richcreek, the GoBabyGo program began four years ago, an Edgewood teacher for the Project Lead The Way. 

On First Friday, five toddlers would have had a chance to show their remodeled cars, built by Edgewood Middle School students and local engineers within the community. After this, the children would be able to take their new cars home. 

They did not showcase their vehicles on First Friday due to bad weather, “However, they were able to show them off at the semi-formal dance at Edgewood Middle School Friday.” Jackie Gorski writes. This decision was made so toddlers could take home their cars as scheduled. 

More about the event is found in the Times-Union here.