Deer Crashes Through Window of Law Office

An unwelcome visitor caused several thousand dollars damage at a local law office Wednesday afternoon.
Four people were in the office of Beers Mallers Backs & Salin, LLP, 2174 N. Pointe Dr., Warsaw, when a deer crashed through the front window.
“It was just a dreadful experience,” said attorney Wayne Walston. “Thank goodness no one was hurt.”
The deer thrashed around the office for 12 to 13 minutes. Staff members closed doors to a few inner offices to limit the deer’s range. The front door was propped open and the deer finally made its way back outside.
“I was on the phone when I heard the crash,” Walston said. “At first I thought one of the staff had fallen and was hurt.”
As he exited his office, Walston immediately spotted the deer, which was bleeding from cuts suffered when it came through the window.
Walston said no client files or computer equipment were damaged, but there are numerous blood stains on carpeting and walls.
“There is glass embedded in the walls,” near the front window, Walston said.
With the front window boarded up and debris swept up, the office is back in business today.
Walston wasn’t quite sure what to think about the incident, but with Christmas around the corner, he speculated that perhaps Santa’s GPS unit was defective.

(Story By The Times Union)