Actor Adam Driver’s claim of Indiana KKK rallies accurate

A museum official who questioned “Star Wars” actor Adam Driver’s recent comments about remembering frequent Ku Klux Klan rallies during his youth in northern Indiana says he stands corrected.

Driver made the comments during a USA Today interview about his role in the new movie“BlacKkKlansman.” A Monday story by the Indianapolis Star quoted Travis Childs of The History Museum in South Bend saying the actor was likely misremembering his childhood in Mishawaka.

The South Bend Tribune reports that local Klan rallies were indeed frequent when 34-year-old Driver was growing up. Tribune archives show five KKK rallies between 1993 and 2001 in Knox, Goshen, Elkhart and South Bend.

Childs now says that he hadn’t adequately researched the Klan’s history in the area before commenting on Driver’s assertions. He says he “would have never guessed there were that many events.”