AG Hill aims to protect storm victims after severe weather crosses state

Following severe weather that swept through Sunday, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill is urging residents to exercise vigilance when seeking restoration and repair work.

In April, Hill launched “Double check before you write a check” – a consumer protection campaign aimed at safeguarding Hoosiers from fraudulent business practices in the wake of severe weather that leaves homes, vehicles or other property damaged. He also wants you to remember that in the aftermath of severe weather, property owners are vulnerable to the tactics of scammers.

Specifically, consider following these tips:

  • Avoid agreeing to any repair or restoration work on the spot during initial contact with anyone offering services.
  • Do not immediately sign contracts or agreements of any kind without first gathering information and researching businesses.
  • Look for signs of credibility such as official websites that can be easily navigated and verified.
  • Seek reviews and testimonials from former customers.

Hoosiers are encouraged to contact the Office of Attorney General if they believe they have been scammed after a severe weather event. They may do so by visiting or calling 1-800-382-5516.