AlleyFest to celebrate Warsaw’s alley activation this Thursday

A new event is coming to Warsaw this Thursday.

AlleyFest will celebrate the “alley activation” project off Buffalo Street in downtown Warsaw. It will take place in that alley as well as in the city hall parking lot from 5-8 p.m.

The event is open to the public and there will be live music by the Tumbleweed Jumpers on a stage in the parking lot.

Mayor Joe Thallemer says alcohol is not permitted in the alley, but beer may be available for sale elsewhere.

“The improved alley … there will be no alcohol in that (portion of the) alley. There’s no smoking in that alley. That alley will remain open to the public through the entire event. This event actually is open to the public,” Thallemer explains.

“The current restaurant seating at Oak & Alley will remain, there’s no extension of the footprint there, but there will be, I do believe, a beer tent or beer garden in the plaza, similar to what was done at the Fat & Skinny Tire Fest and the St. Patty Day Fest.”

Any alcohol or beer tent will go through the Alcohol Beverage Commission’s permitting process.

OrthoWorx Executive Director Brad Bishop told the Times Union OrthoWorx does these types of events for interns, co-ops, and young professionals working in the orthopedic field.

“This is another chance, we think, to show off a great community asset, part of the rationale for why young folks like this would want to stay here and build their careers,” Bishop said.

He said they worked with the city and Oak & Alley owner Dave Gustafson to plan the event.

Thallemer said at the end of the event at 8 p.m., clean-up will begin.

The Times Union contributed to this story.