Aluminum Trailer Co. in Nappanee expanding, adding jobs

NAPPANEE — A business in Nappanee is getting ready to expand in 2017, adding 38 jobs by 2018.

According to our partners at The Elkhart Truth,  Aluminum Trailer Co., a manufacturer of all types of aluminum trailers, is set to invest more than $5 million in a new facility. The expansion is located at 751 N. Tomahawk Trail. Their current location is at 401 S. Williams Street.

The Nappanee City Council approved a 10-year tax abatement to assist in the the company’s expansion into the new 110,000-square-foot facility.

Aluminum Trailer Co. has until the end of March 2017 to make $4.5 million worth of improvements to the new facility. The company has committed to making $560,000 worth of equipment and technology improvements by July 2017.

Abatement documents also show that the company is anticipating hiring no less then 38 new employees with an average salary of $53,000 a year.

To meet the requirements of the abatement, Aluminum Trailer Co. will make those hires by March 2018. The company currently employs 202 workers.