Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County signs contract for new shelter

Katey Wilks Zemen and Woody Zimmerman sign the new building contract with Robinson Construction (photo supplied / AWL)

The Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County has made their move to the new shelter official.

Board President Woody Zimmerman and Executive Director Katey Wilks Zemen signed the contract to begin building the new Animal Welfare League of Kosciusko County shelter on Wednesday.

It will be located across U.S. 30 from their current Pierceton location.

Key features of the new shelter include independent quarantine for dogs and cats, an inside dog run, free roaming cat observation room, an animal education center, separate cuddle rooms for dogs and cats and the ease of disinfecting the facility.

“We are honored to work the with Animal Welfare League and our community to build a new, state-of-the-art animal care facility” says Robinson Construction. [This building] will meet the needs of animals and bridge the gap between abandoned pets and loving families.”