Aviation Board OK’s Spot For New Hangar

The Board of Aviation Commissioners picked a site for a new hangar and discussed maintenance at their final meeting of the year Wednesday.
Airport manager Nick King said Dan Harstine wants to build a hangar 50 feet by 81 feet in size. He would build directly south of where Brad Jackson is currently building his 50-foot by 54-foot hangar.
“I think it’s the perfect place and it’s going to bring in more business for the airport,” King said.  “I think it would be a very good move to approve that.” 
By building so closely together, King said that this will enable both hangars to share the same water line, so they both could share the expense. Approving the site at the meeting means that Harstine will be able to obtain his land lease and start construction this spring. Jackson already has some groundwork for his hangar finished.
Another issue resolved at the meeting was what to do with the remaining money left over from the yearly budget. King said they had $40,000 budgeted for a project that did not happen, and he thought the most effective use would be to install insulation in the maintenance shop. 
King said the heat is being used right now because the shop gets so cold in the winter that the shop needs to be heated just to get the snowplows to start, if necessary. Commission members agreed to the use of the funds.
King said the street department will assist with the labor and installation. He estimated the total cost at $30,000. King said the building is not that old and is in great shape.
“If we do preventative maintenance now, it’s going to really strengthen the building and it will last much longer,” King said.

(Story By The Times Union)