Baby surrendered at Turkey Creek fire statation

Pictured is a Safe Haven Baby Box; Photo provided.
News Release

SYRACUSE – For the third time in recent weeks, another Indiana baby has been surrendered using the Safe Haven Baby Box program — and the newest turnover happened in Syracuse.

The baby was recently turned over to authorities using the Safe Haven Baby Box to the Turkey Creek Township Fire Territory.

There are two Safe Haven Baby Boxes in Kosciusko County and the update represents the first time they have been put to use.

The organization confirmed the news earlier this month but withheld saying where it had happened.

“Each time we get a call that a baby has been surrendered we know that the birth mother has lovingly surrendered their child in hopes of them having a better life,”
said Monica Kelsey, founder of Safe Haven Baby Boxes, said in a news release.

“We are proud of this brave mother. It is a joy to see the Safe Haven Law working to protect women in crisis and their infants from abandonment,” she said.

Turkey Creek Fire Territory Fire Chief Mickey Scott added, “While we understand that the surrender of a baby is a difficult decision to make, our department is proud to be available as an option when and if this decision must be made under the Indiana Safe Haven Law.”