Banks predicts indictments will boost Trump re-election hopes

By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Indiana Congressman Jim Banks remains a steadfast supporter of Donald Trump even as the former president prepares to be indicted Tuesday on charges tied to a hush-money scheme paid to an adult porn star.

Banks, who represents Indiana’s third congressional district, is running for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Sen. Mike Braun who has announced plans to run for governor. He is spending much of the week traveling across the state.

Jim Banks

Trump recently hosted Banks for a fundraiser at Mar-A-Lago and Banks said Trump looked good and ready to fight his legal battle.

While a new CNN poll finds that 60 percent of respondents said they agree with the New York district indictments, Banks said he thinks the criminal controversy will boost his re-election plans.

“What I sense happening is there will be a political revolt against those who are advancing this and have advanced the anti-Trump agenda over the past several years and then culminating in the 2024 election when we take back our country from those who have abused their power, Banks said.

He said he was unsure what would happen following Trump’s court appearance Tuesday, but said he believes people have reason and room to peacefully protest.

He said he thinks most Americans see the indictment for what it is — “a politically, motivated, politically timed attack on what some Democrats see as a threat to them and their power.”

He called the charges “flimsy at best” and predicted the case will eventually be thrown out of court.

Banks made the comments during a sit-down interview with News Now Warsaw Monday afternoon as Trump headed to New York ahead of his initial hearing.

There’s growing speculation that the judge in the case, who Trump has openly criticized, could issue a gag order in the case.

Trump has also made at least one online threat against the district attorney in the case.

Banks was asked what he expects will happen.

“President Trump has a first amendment right to speak out and defend himself. Knowing President Trump as well as I do, I know he’s not going to back down. He’s going to fight back,” Banks said. “We’ll see where it goes from here.”

Trump is scheduled to make a speech Tuesday night after his court appearance.

Editor’s note: Look for a story Wednesday at News Now Warsaw about Banks’ U.S. Senate campaign.