Be Aware Of Fake IRS Scammers


Yet another scam to be aware of. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be with the IRS and they demand an immediate payment, you could be getting scammed. So what should you do? Hang up immediately. According to WNDU, more than 200 Indiana residents have reported these fraudulent calls to the attorney general's office this year, with many occuring in recent days. Here's how it's “supposed” to work. The scammer will call pretending to be with the IRS and will claim that you owe tax money that is due immediately. They'll threaten you saying, “if it's not paid, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. You could then be told to put the money on a prepaid debit card and give the scammer the numbers. This scam has cost consumers around over $5 million nationwide. Something to remember, the IRS will never initiate contact with you over the phone. They will always contact you by mail. And something else to remember, the IRS will never ask for your credit card information over the phone. So, if you think you've been targeted by this scam, call the IRS at 1(800)829-1040, then report the scam to the Indiana Attorney General's Office at