Bid deadline for Warsaw Fire Station 3 extended

Bids for the Warsaw-Wayne Fire Territory station No. 3 were scheduled to be opened Friday, but that’s been delayed until Sept. 8.

At the Board of Public Works and Safety meeting Friday, Mayor Joe Thallemer explained, “Several factors have arisen that necessitate extending the bidding deadline for the fire station. Those involve the timeliness of subcontractors meeting new statutory requirements to be involved in the bidding; refining bids in the base of bid document addendums; a short turnaround during a very busy construction season.”

He said the bidding process will be readvertised for a Sept. 8 bid opening at 10:30 a.m. in the city council chambers.

“We’re actually not extending this current bidding situation, we’re redoing it. We’re not changing any of the documents. We’re just readvertising it and we’re going to go again,” Thallemer said.

He said it’s anticipated that the bids will be awarded at the regular Board of Works meeting at 10:30 a.m. Sept. 15.

“There were some ambiguities in the bidding specifications that require more time to react than was available in the short bidding period. With the bidding season, with projects being so busy right now, we felt from our pre-construction meeting we’d have at least four or five interested in bidding. And all of those have indicated that because of what I’ve mentioned, we weren’t going to get any bids today. But we have been in contact with them to answer their questions, and we now will readvertise that bidding starting on Monday,” Thallemer said.

Had the city received any bids by Friday, he said they would have been returned unopened to respect the process, but the city didn’t receive any on the fire station.