Bids for county communications project opened on Tuesday

Terry Burnworth with Pyramid Consulting (C) reads off one of the bids during the Tuesday, October 27th Kosciusko County Commissioner's meeting. County Attorney Chad Miner (L) opens another bid while Commissioner Bob Conley (R) listens. (Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw)

Bids for the public safety communications project site were opened Tuesday at the Kosciusko County Commissioners meeting.

The project includes three towers to improve emergency services radio communication and broadband internet in the county.

Terry Burnworth, with Pyramid Consulting, and county attorney Chad Miner opened the bids.

Yoder Construction, Nappanee, bid $185,500 for concrete work; $157,300 for the precast shelters; $112,800 for civil work for the sites; and $42,000 for fencing at all sites.

Rex Collins Electric, Marion, bid $256,922 for the electric work; while Martell Electric, South Bend, bid $298,730.65 for the electric work.

Cobalt Civil, Winchester, bid $85,866 for civil work and $49,257 for fencing.

MPX Solutions, Anderson, bid $158,696.68 for concrete; $128,208 for the shelters; $221,287.50 for 35 TL, the labor to stack the tower; and $328,629.03 for 35TM, the tower steel.

Info Critical Facilities Engineering Consulting, Carmel, bid $318,700 for the electric. The final bid was $378,958 from Sabre Industries, Sioux City, Iowa, for tower material.

Burnworth told the commissioners he’d take the bids under advisement to review for the lowest possible bidders and give the commissioners his recommendation at the Nov. 10 meeting.