Bosch Receives Award for Paper

Dr. Nate Bosch, director of the Center for Lakes & Streams, received the Chandler-Misener award for most notable paper published in the Journal of Great Lake Research in 2015. 
Submitted papers are evaluated for originality, contribution and presentation. 
Bosch’s paper, “Assessing and addressing the Re-eutrophication of Lake Erie: Central Basin Hypoxia,” addresses the source of harmful algae in Lake Erie as a result of inflowing water from primarily agricultural drainage areas, according to a press release from the center at Grace College. The paper, co-authored by 28 scientists across the country, also offered application for the inland lakes in Kosciusko County because the Lake Erie watershed, or drainage area, is similar to the agricultural watersheds flowing into the county’s local lakes. 
The paper addresses the algae growing in Lake Erie as a result of nutrients, namely phosphorus, flowing into the lake. Oxygen levels and the presence of blue-green algae toxins are issues also linked to the presence of nutrients in Lake Erie. Similarly, these issues are being studied in local lakes around the county by the Center for Lakes & Streams under Bosch’s leadership.
While Bosch was unable to attend the award banquet at the University of Vermont due to local research this summer in Kosciusko County, he received his award this month. 
Bosch said in the release from the center, “It is a great honor to receive this award. This is an award that many lake researchers strive their whole career to attain.” 
Bosch also received this award in 2013 for his work with the study, “Historical phosphorus loading to Lake Erie watersheds.”
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(Story by The Times Union)