Bourbon man arrested for scamming local homeowner

A Bourbon man is behind bars after scamming a homeowner.

Court documents were released Monday, December 19, regarding an incident from July 26, 2015, when a Kosciusko County Sheriff’s deputy spoke with a victim that was in the process of building a new home in Kosciusko County.

The victim told police he contracted Troy Sell, of Sells Designs, to provide cabinets for the new home. On August 25, 2015 the victim wrote Sell a check for $12,648.22 to purchase cabinets. Sell cashed the check on September 1, 2015. Officers were provided with a copy of the check and a copy of the invoice for the cabinets.

The victim said he had talked to Sell in February 2016. At that time, Sell mentioned in conversation that he had ordered the cabinets from Kraftmaid Cabinetry and provided an order form.

When Sell failed to deliver the cabinets he contacted Kraftmaid Cabinetry to check on his cabinets and they could not confirm Sell had ever placed the order. The victim attempted to contact Sell through March 2016 with no success.

A Kosciusko County Sheriff’s Department detective attempted to locate Troy Sell and left him several messages. He was arrested yesterday, December 19, 2016 and booked into the Kosciusko County Jail on felony theft charges. His bond was set at $17,000.