Braun believes relief bill has the “right ideas”

Indiana Rep. Mike Braun (Photo supplied / Indiana House of Representatives)

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Network Indiana) — The new relief plan from Senate Republicans is made up of less than $1 trillion in spending. Sen. Mike Braun (R-Ind.), says he believes conservatives in the Senate have the right idea about putting together a package that will help people and conserve taxpayer money.

“There were also seven or eight of us conservatives who got together over the last couple of weeks to try and weigh in on what practically needs to be done,” said Braun Wednesday, on Fox Business. “That’s repurposing some of the stuff that was not spent, targeting in on some of the key areas that still have need.”

Braun, who has sometimes not gone along with his party when he believed too much spending was involved, said some of his ideas about the new bill come from his visits with Hoosiers.

“We were on basically a four week break. I traveled the State of Indiana three of those four weeks, talked to businesses, school districts,” he said. “A place like Indiana, it’s back on its feet. Probably there’s less need in places that prepared in a way through the crisis for what maybe we don’t need in terms of the Heroes Act, or what the Democrats want to do.”

Braun said he’s not optimistic about getting support in the House for the Senate relief bill, which still has a way to go before being passed by the Senate.

“I think the fact that we’re bringing this up for a vote makes sense. I don’t know that they’re gonna come along for anything that we initiate,” said Braun. “Sadly that’s kind of the way the game is played here.”