Burket Educational Center holds annual Thanksgiving celebration

BURKET – A tradition that has been going strong for nearly a decade at Burket Educational Center once again brought students and community members together to share in a Thanksgiving celebration.

Members of the Beaver Dam United Methodist Church, supported by members of the Mentone United Methodist Church, and the Burket United Methodist Church served a Thanksgiving meal for students on November 17.

The celebration first started as a way to educate the community on the Burket Educational Center’s mission and purpose. The alternative classroom was created in the fall of 2003 to meet the needs of Tippecanoe Valley High School students that were not successful in a traditional classroom setting.

“It’s nice for the students to see that the community cares about them, supports them, and is behind them to earn their high school diplomas. One server was a retired teacher that they had when they were in junior high,” said Micah Lukens, a teacher who has been at the Burket Educational Center since it was created.

Church members served the meal to students and staff. Administrators, staff members from other Tippecanoe Valley schools, and the board of trustees were also invited. Students prepared the table decorations for the celebration and also handed out small gifts to those who prepared the meal as a way to say thanks.

To date, 288 students have graduated from the Burket Educational Center. An average class size ranges from 22 to 28 students. Graduating classes usually have 16 to 24 students.