Bus Aide in Noblesville Accused of Hitting Student with Brain Damage

NOBLESVILLE, Ind. — Battery is the charge against a Noblesville school bus aide accused of hitting a student with brain damage.

Francella Van Fossen told police she “touched” the 10-year-old girl’s face after the girl bit her.

However, video from a camera inside the bus shows Van Fossen slapping the girl across the face.

Van Fossen is expected to plead guilty. She’d been working with the girl for three years before the incident in May.

Noblesville Schools released the following statement:

Student safety is our top priority and we have zero tolerance for behavior that puts our students at risk in any way. We immediately addressed this issue in collaboration with Noblesville Police upon learning of this situation back in May. The bus aide in question is no longer employed with Noblesville Schools.