Cates looks to retain seat as “at-large” member with Kosciusko County Council

Kimberly Cates has announced that she looks to retain her at-large seat on the Kosciusko County Council in the upcoming election.

She issued this press release on Tuesday:

As a dedicated public servant, I am excited to seek to retain my seat on the Kosciusko County Council as an “at-large” member. I have had the privilege to serve the remaining term of former Council President, Bob Sanders, and the honor of serving with an amazing team of council members. Before I served on the Council, I proudly served the Turkey Creek Township Advisory Board as a member (6 yrs.), the Turkey Creek Township Fire Territory Advisory Board as President (6 Yrs.), and have and do serve on other local, state-wide, and international Boards of Directors and committees. My professional background is in tax and marketing. I have been a delegate to the Indiana State Republican Convention 5 times (and have filed again for the upcoming year), been a Republican precinct chair for over 12 years, and was one of 6 “at large” delegates representing Indiana at the National Federation of Republican Women’s Convention in 2019. I diligently work and represent those I serve.

With a proven track record of the ability to work with other Council members, board members, residents, local government agencies, associations, officials, unions, and businesses for the betterment of our community, I am a “Full-Time” county council “at-large” member, and I continuously work with others to resolve the issues facing Kosciusko County.

I believe in small, frugal government with local control. With over 30 years of small business ownership and local government experience, I am a proponent of less regulation, and bring a business perspective along with our conservative values to the Council. After listening to many in the county, our best representation is one that mirrors the ideas and values that we hold dear. Our community needs Council members who share our values and are willing to spend time outside of the monthly meetings to research, meet with department heads, business leaders, constituents, listen, attend economic related meetings and make tough fiscal choices. Our county needs someone to be approachable, accountable and visible to those served.

Families, education, infrastructure, economic stability, along with less government control are high on my priority list. It is a privilege to serve you and feel I am well suited to continue this work in our County as I will continue to place our values as a priority.

I am “pro-life” and also serve on the area’s Opioid Crisis “Call to Action” Committee and on other non-profit Humanitarian Boards of Directors. In my frequent conversations with local law enforcement, government fiscal bodies, and social services agencies, each report the Opioid/Meth crisis is already costing our community hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as destroying precious lives and families. An ongoing personal goal of mine is to support programs of recovery and lessen addiction and abuse overall.

Kosciusko County must be forward thinking and strategic in planning infrastructure. The planning, building, and maintenance of roads and bridges is critical and necessary in our strategic planning and must be considered both as a priority and as an economic tool to maintain our quality of life, safety, education, and workforce. Attending the US 30 coalition, MACOG (Michiana Area Councils of Government), AIC (Association of Indiana Counties), and AIC legislative meetings, along with other regional economic development meetings keeps me in touch with our community’s pulse and the region’s future plans. I have and will continue to advocate to responsibly fund beneficial programs for our area.

Our county is blessed with many job openings. As a member of our KEDco (Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation) executive team, I work with employers, educators, farmers, and institutions to help qualify our citizens for local positions. Working together with other elected officials and business owners to support job skills training and education geared to benefit rapid job placement is an urgent task that will benefit both individuals and businesses.

As a life member of the NRA and an active member of the local “Friends of the NRA” event and fundraising committee, I will continue to fight for our constitutional rights. As a supporter of first responders, I know it is critical they receive the utmost consideration in budget planning, and I have a proven record of supporting their needs within our community.

I am asking for your support in this primary election. Remember, that in the upcoming Primary and General election, if you vote a “straight party ticket”, then NO votes will be counted for any “at large” county council candidates. Please make a point to VOTE your choice in that category separately (There is legislation currently proposed to change this -Indiana HB1051 and SB81).

If you have questions, please feel free to contact me at my email at Please review and share my platform. Most importantly, please remember a vote for me will help keep Kosciusko County a conservative county. Staying within our means and keeping us safe, while keeping taxes low.