Caucus decides new Winona Lake Town Council member

Theila Banta has been selected to fill the vacant seat on the Winona Lake Town Council.

A caucus was held last night to replace Peter Christos, who resigned from the Council after pleading guilty to a felony. Christos was among those in attendance at the caucus.

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Banta beat out two other candidates– James Zachary, who has worked at Zimmer for 15 years, and Kearstin Criswell, who works at Grace College.

Theila Banta, who goes by “Tecy”, is a 74-year-old retired teacher. This was her first attempt to run for public office.

Four precinct committeemen voted in the caucus. They prepared a statement before announcing the winner, which said it was a very difficult decision because each candidate presented strengths. The committeemen said all three candidates were spectacular, and encouraged them to stay involved in their community.