Center Lake Recreational Trail construction set to begin

Most of the old pump house will be removed and replaced with a platform that will tie in with the future Center Lake Recreational Trail. News Now Warsaw photo by Dan Spalding.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Construction of the Center Lake Recreational Trail in Warsaw is set to begin next week.

The trail will follow along a stretch of the lakeshore that includes the Center Lake beach.

The project will include new sidewalks, benches and lights, said Warsaw Parks Superintendent Larry Plummer.

He said construction could be completed by late this year.

The old brick pump house will be cut down and turned into a platform that will connect to one of two future piers.

“It will eventually be the deck that leads to the recreational pier,” Plummer said.

The estimated $976,000 project is being paid for with a million-dollar gift from the Sasso family.

Construction of the two new piers is not part of the construction plans for this year.

Removing the existing cement pier east of the pump house had been part of the project, but was recently set aside because of an unexpected increase in the cost of that project.

The city is now seeking various grant opportunities to cover the estimated $500,000 cost.

Plummer said the removal of the pier could still happen this year if the city is able to secure several grants.

“We’d like to see that done this year, but if note, hopefully in the beginning of next year, we can get that accomplished,”┬áPlummer said.