Ciriello announces candidacy for Kosciusko County Sheriff

A second Republican candidate for Kosciusko County sheriff has confirmed plans to run after establishing Facebook, Twitter and website accounts for a campaign over the weekend.

County Coroner Tony Ciriello confirmed his campaign this morning.

Indiana State Trooper Kyle Dukes’ announced his intentions to run in October.

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Ciriello’s campaign kickoff is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. Nov. 30 at Tippy Creek Winery, Leesburg, according to his Facebook page.

In a news release issued this morning, Ciriello said, “It is with great pride that I announce my intent to seek the Office of Sheriff of Kosciusko County on the Republican ticket in May of 2018. My campaign will not be negative, nor focus on the credentials or lack of credentials of my opponents. If I have to resort to these tactics then I do not deserve to be your sheriff.

“My campaign and the campaign of my supporters will focus solely on my qualifications and my plans for the future of the sheriff’s department.

“While the aftermath of what happened to the former sheriff still lays heavily on our citizens’ minds, my campaign is not focused on that issue. My primary focus is on the future of the department and its personnel. The past cannot be changed as history has proven, the only change that can be made is the present but mostly the future.”

He continues, “Looking forward to taking office in 2019, I foresee significant change within the department and the direction it takes. Not only will I not bad mouth my opponents or anyone on their campaign committee or their supporters, I will not bad mouth or second guess what happened in the past. Change is needed, moral needs to be rebuilt and trust amongst our citizens needs to be restored.”

He said that while his life has not been free of mistakes, his career has been something he is very proud of and he has worked “very hard to dedicate my life to public safety and service to the citizens of this community.”

A lot of time the focus of law enforcement has been on the highly populated areas of the county, he said, but just because the call volume is greater in those areas, all persons of the county deserve attention and safety as all.

“My experience in law enforcement crosses many borders, so much more than many. My career includes being a jail officer, a fire marshal, a patrol officer, a dispatcher, a DARE officer, a narcotics officer, a supervisor, a police chief and a death investigator. These areas of my law enforcement career have given me an insight to what is needed to be the next sheriff, with experience in all aspects of what is required from the sheriff who oversees all of the roles in today’s world,” he said.

Ciriello was named county coroner by a Republican caucus on Sept. 16, 2016. He previously served as deputy coroner for 22 years. He has served in law enforcement for 36 years, and served as Syracuse town marshal for 10 years.

Sheriff Rocky Goshert, a Republican, announced his intention to seek a full term in 2018 on Tuesday. He has served previously as sheriff and was selected by a Republican caucus in June to replace Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine who resigned after pleading guilty to intimidation.

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Goshert was one of six candidates who sought to replace Rovenstine in the caucus and predicted then that numerous candidates would step forward for the 2018 race.

Goshert previously served two terms as sheriff.