City Approves Hazardous Material Response Fund

Warsaw City Council Monday approved on second reading an ordinance that creates a hazardous material response fund.
The fund, called the Hazmat Response Fund, will be maintained by charges imposed on a person who is a responsible party with respect to a hazardous materials emergency.
Revenue collected for hazardous materials may be used only for the purchase of supplies and equipment used in providing hazardous materials emergency assistance.
Billing for services of the fire territory for hazardous materials will be based on the state fire marshal’s annually published schedule of service charges for fire protection services.
The vote was 5 to 1. Councilman Charlie Smith made the motion seconded by Cindy Dobbins to approve establishing the fund. Council members Diane Quance, Jerry Frush, and Mike Klondaris voted in favor of the fund. Jeff Grose was absent.
Councilwoman Elaine Call voted against establishing the fund because she said she did not see a reason to create the fund.
“There’s a way to do everything you want within the budget,” Call said.
Warsaw Fire Chief Mike Brubaker said he looked at what other fire departments are doing and most have created such a  fund.
The council also approved an ordinance on first reading to establish the Warsaw Redevelopment Authority.
A public hearing will be April 20.
The board of three appointed members may assist the Warsaw Redevelopment Commission in undertaking local public improvements, such as the Buffalo Street reconstruction project.
And the council approved a resolution to transfer $203,000 from the general fund to the general bond fund to pay off the general obligation bond.
In other business, Jeff Beehler, street superintendent, said residents can participate in the city’s 50/50 sidewalk program where they contact the city for sidewalk repairs.
Residents pay 50 percent for concrete, and the city pays the other half.

(Story By The Times Union)