City celebrates Recreational Trail, thanks Sasso family for support

Members of the Sasso family, Warsaw city officials and the Kosciusko Chamber of Commerce held a ribbon cutting Monday for the new Center Lake Recreational Trail. Photo provided.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Warsaw city leaders celebrated the completion of the new Center Lake Recreational Trail on Monday with the Sasso family, which contributed $1 million to fund the project.

The quarter-mile cement path meanders along the Center Lake beach and connects several amenities. It stretches from the Center Lake Plaza, along the beach, past the renovated Zimmer Biomet Pavilion and east to the new boat launch at North Detroit Street.

On Monday, city officials held a ribbon cutting and thanked Rick and April Sasso’s family for their financial donation that made the project possible, saying that the trail enhances the city’s natural assets and will have an impact for generations to come.

The ribbon cutting put a cap on a busy year for the parks department that saw the construction of a new parks office as well as a multi-million dollar renovation of the old pavilion — now formally known as the Zimmer Biomet Center Lake Pavilion.

“Having a trail that’s wide and meandering really speaks to the lakefront in more of a recreational feel and that’s transformative,” said City Planner Justin Taylor.

Improvements also open the door for better access for the disabled.

“Wheelchairs can now access the pavilion on the north side. It’s really important, the changes that were made,” Taylor said. “It creates ADA access for the amenities. It’s more easy to get to the beach, it’s easier to get to the different amenities along the lake front as well.”

A new pier is also planned for the west side of the beach and the old pier will be removed as money becomes available.

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