City Council Approves 10-Year Tax Abatements For Zimmer Biomet Projects Totaling $30M

Zimmer Biomet sought and was approved Monday for two 10-year tax abatements totaling $30 million by the Warsaw Common Council.

Warsaw Community Economic and Development Director Jeremy Skinner said the first new tax abatement request was for Biomet Manufacturing LLC, 56 E. Bell Drive.

They are looking at adding $1.5 million in personal property at the Bell Drive location. According to information provided, they are adding new manufacturing, research and development and logistic equipment. The proposed $1.5 million project will retain 898 existing jobs.

The second new tax abatement is for Zimmer Inc., 1800 W. Center St. The real and personal property tax abatement request is for a proposed $28.5 million project that is adding new manufacturing, research and development and logistic equipment, in addition to interior building improvements. Skinner said he didn’t believe they were going to add any square footage. It will retain 2,255 existing jobs.

“These will be our standard 10-year tax abatement,” Skinner said.

Mayor Joe Thallemer said it was a “pretty significant investment.”

“I’m glad to see it,” Councilwoman Diane Quance stated. She made a motion to approve both of the 10-year tax abatements, with a second from Councilman Mike Klondaris. The motion was approved 6-0, with Councilwoman Cindy Dobbins absent.