City Council approves transfer for southside drainage project

A list of tax abatement renewals and ordinances for an additional appropriation of more than $57,000 and a transfer of $100,000 were approved by the Warsaw City Council Monday night.

The transfer ordinance for $100,000 from cumulative capital development stormwater repairs and maintenance to CCD improvements was approved on first reading only. Council will vote on the second reading of the ordinance on July 3.

Utility Manager Brian Davison said the project costs for Eisenhower Basin Phase I came in above the engineer’s estimate of around the $300,000 range and were more in the $400,000 range. The transfer will pay for the extra costs.

“Most of it had to do with the degree of difficulty for digging the material out and de-watering and some extra hauling expenses. You’ll see there’s a fair amount of material that’s going to be moved during this project,” Davison said.

He said the project ties back to the southside drainage study, which was completed in 2016.

“This is the very first stormwater major project to do with that southside drainage study. Ultimately, we’re sort of starting with the south end, and we’ll work our way north with various projects, ending at that Kelly Park.?Ultimately, returning Kelly pond to a fishable, nice, proud pond in our park system instead of pretty much filled in,” Davison said.

This project will be in the Pheasant Ridge subdivision area and will include increasing an 8-inch pipe to a 24-inch to help get water flowing from an “upper-up” detention/retention pond to a lower pond. Once the water reaches the lower pond, it will go down a ditch north to Kelly pond. Work also will be done north of the lower pond, which will be redesigned.

The additional appropriation was for $57,954 from debt service for the first payment of the 2016 general obligation bond for the third fire station. The payment is due Aug. 1. It was approved on first and second reading.

The bond was approved by the council in 2016 for $2.95 million. Construction of the fire station is scheduled to go out to bid July 3.

All tax abatement renewals before the council were approved. They included:

• Dalton Corporation, 1900 E. Jefferson St., eighth year of an abatement.

• Symmetry Medical USA Inc., 486 W. CR 350N, 10th year of an abatement.

• Symmetry Medical USA Inc./Tecomet, 486 W. CR 350N, second year of abatement.

• Milestone AV Technologies LLC, 3100 N. Detroit St., second year of abatement;

• Zimmer Production Inc. 345 Main St., 10th year of abatement; Zimmer US Inc., 345 Main St., 10th year of abatement; Zimmer Inc., 345 Main St., 10th year of abatement; Zimmer Inc., 210 N. Buffalo St., ninth year of abatement; Zimmer Productions Inc., 1800 W. Center St., 10th year of abatement; Zimmer Inc., 1535 W. Center St., seventh year of abatement.

• DePuy Orthopedics Inc., 700 and 715 Orthopedic Drive, seventh year of tax abatement; DePuy Orthopedics, same address, fourth year of tax abatement.

• West Hill Development LLC (shell building in Warsaw Tech Park), 1445 Polk Drive, second year of abatement; West Hill Development LLC (Banner Medical facility), second year of abatement.

• Models Plus LLC, 4136 Corridor Drive, second year of abatement.

Mayor Joe Thallemer started the City Council meeting off by issuing a proclamation that Monday was Lions Clubs International Centennial Celebration Day. Lions Club International was founded June 7, 1917, and is celebrating 100 years this year. Lions members Bob Myers and Duane Griner were on hand for the proclamation.

At the end of the meeting, Fair Board President Randy Shepherd asked if the city could provide assistance for the fair by providing a garbage truck and street sweeping during the fairgrounds, which runs July 9-15. Thallemer said the city would be glad to accommodate the request.