City of Warsaw agrees to cover PeekMed rent at KEDCO for a year

By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Three months ago, PeekMed, a firm from Portugal that wants to expand its interests in orthopedics, announced it would have an office inside the shared space provided by Kosciusko Economic Development Corporation in downtown Warsaw.

On Monday, Warsaw’s redevelopment commission agreed to cover the $300 monthly rent for PeekMed for a year.

Talk of assisting the company’s efforts to set up shop had never been previously discussed in public.

PeekMed seeks to integrate its expertise in AI into orthopedics and redevelopment officials supported the rent proposal at Monday’s meeting.

The proposal was pitched to the commission by Jeremy Skinner, director of community & economic development.

“I think it’s interesting to note that this company is coming to the United States to the Orthopedic Capital of the world from Portugal,” said commission member Michael Klondaris.

Former Mayor Joe Thallamer, who now sits on the redevelopment commission, also supported the idea, adding, “With the types of jobs and industry that the Plug and Play, (and) the med tech accelerators, this is exactly what they’re looking at.”