City of Warsaw reminds residents where they can and cannot place signs

(Carli Luca / News Now Warsaw)

With political season in full swing, you’re bound to see numerous signs on the side of the road. But do you know where they are allowed to be placed?

Warsaw City Code Enforcement Inspector Dana Hewitt tells News Now Warsaw that Article 13.4 of the city ordinance governs the placement of temporary signs.

The ordinance says signs placed in the public right of way, on utility poles, lampposts or trees are not permitted and must be moved to be in compliance.

If temporary signs are placed in one of these areas, the code enforcement inspector will contact the person or company to ask them to remove the sign. If unable to contact them, a notice sticker is put on the sign giving them 10 days to remove it.

A code hearing could be scheduled to help find resolution if there are repeat violations.