City of Warsaw Wastewater Treatment Facility experience overflow issue

Due to recent power outage, the City of Warsaw Wastewater Treatment Facility at 794 W. Center Street has experienced a combined sewer overflow, sending untreated wastewater into the Walnut Creek. The overflow point is marked with a warning sign.

A power outage could potentially cause a combined sewer overflow (CSO) depending on the duration of that event.

There is only one CSO outfall in the Warsaw Wastewater Collection System. The Utility staff encourages citizens to avoid contact with water downstream from combined sewers for the next 72 hours (beginning Monday).

Ingesting water contaminated with sewage can cause sickness.

We recommend the following steps for dealing with overflows:

  • Avoid contact with urban streams, especially during and up to three days after rain events.
  • Alter recreational activities to avoid water contact.
  • Always wash your hands after contacting urban streams, especially before eating.
  • Use waterless hand sanitizers at outings that occur near urban streams.