City of Warsaw reminds of snow-related ordinances

The City of Warsaw is reminding residents about a few ordinances that help keep the city safe and free of eyesores.

As the snow comes down, making sure there are clear roads and walkways can become a challenge. But Code Enforcement Inspector Dana Hewitt tells News Now Warsaw it can be especially important.

“People use our city sidewalks to get to and from areas like schools, work, or the mail carriers delivering out mail,” he explains. “By having the snow and ice removed it allows them to walk more safely.”

He’s referring specifically to Chapter 70-1:

The occupants or owners of a building or lot within the city, fronting or bordering upon any street, shall clean the sidewalks in front of such building or lot of snow or ice before the hour of 9:00 AM each day.

Another concern this time of year can be vehicles that have not been moved after a snow fall, which can accumulate a large amount of snow on and around the vehicle. This makes snow removal efforts by the street department more difficult and can diminish the width of the road, causing drivers to go into oncoming traffic as they try to get around the vehicle.

“After a snowfall if you’re parking on a city street, just make sure to move the vehicle. It doesn’t have to go very far, it just has to move from its original location,” Hewitt says. “That way the next time the city comes around to move the snow, we’re able to remove the snow built up around that vehicle.”

That’s part of compliance with Chapter 74-205:

Leaving a vehicle parked on a city street, unattended and unmoved for a period of 72 hours or more are subject to a fine.

Hewitt says that the goal in reminding Warsaw residents of these ordinances is to be more proactive.

Those who have concerns about a potential violation can call the Building Department at 574-372-9548 or go to to make a complaint online.