City of Warsaw responds to Tippecanoe River flooding

(photo supplied / the Watershed Foundation)

National Weather Service readings on the Tippecanoe River at Ora, IN indicated the river had risen to 14.07 feet Wednesday afternoon, which is over 2 feet above flood stage.

Predictions indicate that the level is rising and not expected to crest until Saturday afternoon at 15.1 feet. This would indicate that flood levels could rise an additional foot higher than current levels before they level off.

Additional rain is predicted for Saturday, which could impact the situation.

(photo supplied / The Watershed Foundation)

The City of Warsaw asks residents to be aware of the potential for rising floodwaters in and around their homes and the risks associated with such. They ask everyone to please take proper safety measures and be cautious.

City employees and local volunteers have been filling sandbags at the street department for use by residents. If you’re in need of sandbags, or would like to volunteer to fill them, contact the department at 574-372-9561.

Conditions could improve or worsen over the course of the next few days and residents should take that into account.