Claypool Council Approves Increases To Burial Expenses

Photo: Nick Deranek/News Now Warsaw

The following from Alaister McFarren, Times-Union Correspondent

During its virtual meeting Tuesday, the Claypool Town Council approved increased costs for burial expenses at the Claypool town cemetery.

No rationale was cited for the expenses during the meeting.

Prior to the meeting, it cost $350 for a grave opening and $225 for a cremation. Going forward, the cost will be $550 for a grave opening and $350 for a cremation.

Additionally, funerals held on Saturdays or after 3 p.m. on any day will cost an extra $225, up from $100.

Additional costs for frost months were considered, but no cost increases have been made at this time.

In other news, the Council approved a new health insurance bid for town employees. This bid features a $3,000 deductible, capping the out-of-pocket expenses for employees at $5,000, per Council President Benny Gates Jr.

Town Marshal Ben Sanders stated in his report that the Claypool Police Department received 195 calls for service in January, utilizing 143 reserve hours.

Sanders also stated that he had downstaffed three reserve officers over the past weekend, leaving four active officers.

At Sanders’ request, the council will also investigate changing the ordinance requiring vehicles to not be parked on Main Street from 4 to 6 a.m. on days where the roads need to be plowed. Sanders suggested changing the hours from 7 to 9 a.m., at which time more people would be up and about and more easily able to move their vehicles.

The discussion was tabled for a future administration meeting, although council member Gene Warner stated that moving the time might be difficult due to timing for school bus routes.

Town employee Danny Warner encouraged Claypool residents to pull their trash bins back from the curb on days where plowing was needed so that they do not get hit.

Finally, the Council announced that the town is accepting bids on the police department’s 2010 Ford Crown Victoria, which has recently been retired from police use. All bids are to go to Sanders for approval.