Claypool Wastewater Credit Approved By Council

Claypool Town Council approved a $50 wastewater credit Monday as partial relief for a Walnut Street resident whose water bill jumped because of a hose left running. Bonnie Stewart requested the credit after seeing her bill jump to $400 about three months ago. She paid the bill in full, and said the spike was due to one of her kids leaving the hose running outside. She attended the meeting Monday after council postponed the issue last month, saying they wanted her to answer some questions first. Stewart argued to council that the lost water didn’t run through the sewer, so she was requesting a refund of the $51.45 she paid. Council President Niki Miller opposed the refund, saying the extra water use was due to negligence rather than a leak and that it could not be satisfactorily proven that the water didn’t go into the sewer.