Close Call For Boy Hit By Car

A close call for a Lawrence boy on his bicycle after he was hit by two suspects causing a disturbance at a mobile home park. Police were called to the Meadow Brook Mobile Home Park on Wednesday. Their investigation revealed 27 year-old Shawn White came to the residence looking for an acquaintance, and when that person wasn't there, he broke out a window. He then got into a car driven by a a 21 year-old woman who put the car in reverse and “gunned it”. Too bad for her the child was behind the car. They say she then sped off after hitting the child. The child was not injured. Deputies later found that vehicle parked at a home and saw the 21-year-old woman cleaning blood out of the vehicle. Shawn White, along with another man named Derrick White, were ordered out of the home and arrested on outstanding warrants. Additional charges are being sought against the woman for her role in the crime.