Congressman Banks and opponent Courtney Tritch disagree over potential debates

(photos supplied / campaigns)

A verbal sparring match over political debates continues.

Democrat Courtney Tritch, who’s running for Republican Jim Banks’ third district seat, is taking issue with Banks reportedly not responding to her call for a series of debates.

She says she’s upset over a statement a Banks spokesman made to NPR that said “Unlike Ms. Tritch, Congressman Banks has a family and a job” as a reason no debate dates have been set.

“You’ve had three months to put out dates and you haven’t done that. So if you’re not afraid to debate, stop hiding behind your hurtful words,” Tritch told ABC 21.

Banks says that’s not what he meant.

“My opponent is sort of twisting those comments to turn that into a personal attack on her and that’s just not the case,” he explained.

Banks added that he’ll be “happy” to debate Tritch when we get “closer” to the November election.