Congressman Banks: timing of Comey firing “suspicious”

President Donald Trump seemed to take most people by surprise yesterday by suddenly firing FBI Director James Comey. Indiana Republican Congressman Jim Banks says even Republicans admit there are questions.

“Many of us who serve in Washington are still digesting the news, I do have to admit the timing is a bit suspicious after subpeonas were issued related to the Russian investigations.”

However, Banks says Comey demonstrated poor judgment in the past and this situation gives President Trump a chance to “restore integrity” to the position.

“Bottom line, James Comey lost the trust of the American people. Even as a Republican I was deeply troubled by his lack of judgment and the way that he handled the proceedings that occurred late last year,” Banks says, referring to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email server, and an announcement made by Comey shortly before the Presidential Election that the FBI would reopen it.

Democrats are calling for a special prosecutor to look into the matter, as the FBI was in the midst of investigating ties between the Trump campaign and Russia.