County bans weapons, tightens limits on cell phones in Justice Building

A view of the Kosciusko County Justice Building with the courthouse in the background. File photo.
Staff Report

WARSAW — Kosciusko County Commissioners approved an ordinance that strictly prohibits possession of deadly weapons and also cracks down on the use of cell phone in the Justice Building.

The proposal was sought by local judges.

The ordinance includes exceptions for weapons for law enforcement officers, elected officials, officers of the court and authorized security personnel, the Times-Union reported.

The ordinance also bans the use of devices used to record audio or video or to take pictures in the Justice Building, except at a public meeting governed by Indiana’s Open Door Law

The ordinance also prohibits the possession of cell phones on the second floor of the Justice Building.

A violation of the weapon or phone ban may result in a fine of up to, but not more than $2,500 for a first violation and up to, but not more than, $7,500 for a second or subsequent violation.

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