County council voices concerns with financial consultant

A view of the Kosciusko County Justice Building with the courthouse in the background. File photo.
By Dan Spalding
News Now Warsaw

WARSAW — Kosciusko County Commissioners voted last week to hire Reedy Financial as a consultant for a full year for 2024, but some of their county government counterparts are not very supportive.

Council on Thursday did not take a vote on the matter but three council members voiced  concern with the Indianapolis company which had been under a trial run with the county for the past six months as county officials tried to evaluate the value of using the company for a full year.

Council President Mike Long, along with council members Dave Wolkins and Joni Truex, expressed dissatisfaction with the company.

Truex and others believe the company provided bad advice about moving funds around in the county budget and failed to provide updates on their work.

Other than the bad advice, Wolkins said he didn’t know what else the firm had accomplished for the county.

More than one complained that a strategic planning committee — intended to work with the firm — had not been created yet.

The county paid Reedy $30,000 for their six months of work in 2023 and budgeted $60,000 for a full year for 2024.

The commissioners voted in support of hiring the firm for a full year but had not signed the agreement as of Thursday night, leaving a small chance the commissioners could back out still when they meet next week.

County Council member Kathy Groninger, who spoke on behalf of hiring the company last week to the county commissioners, said she believed the company could do a good job for the county. Company representatives did not meet with county officials because of scheduling problems, she said.

Groninger on Thursday outlined a plan to have officials with Reedy update county leaders on a quarterly basis next year.

Truex was unfazed and said if it came down to a vote Thursday, she would not support hiring the firm.

“The commissioners are the only ones that have the authority to do a strategic plan. They are the ones who should be upset that nothing has been done,” Truex said after Thursday’s meeting.

Long said he hopes to have quarterly meetings with the company and reminded council that they could cut off the contract if they are dissatisfied.

He also said it’s an issue that’s in the hands of the commissioners.

The agreement approved by the commissioners represents the first time the county has chosen to rely on an outside firm for financial consulting.