County Honors Korean War Veteran

County Commissioners recognized Korean War veteran Max Miller as the Veteran of the Month for February this morning.
Miller, who was born in New Paris in 1929, served in the Army Air Corps and U.S. Air Force after graduating from New Paris High School in 1948. He trained in business administration, supply tech, gunnery and finally as a crew chief, which put him in charge of a four-engine B-29 bomber during the conflict.

He was part of 21 missions in the war. He confessed he was scared 99 percent of the time but relied on the Lord to bring him back home, said county Veterans Affairs Officer Rich Maron.
After the war Miller moved to Warsaw and worked in farming, cross-country deliveries, banking and manufacturing, as well as serving with organizations including the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Shriners and Habitat for Humanity.
“I appreciate being nominated,” Miller said before receiving the award. “It’s something I hold dear to my heart.”

Also this morning, commissioners approved the Board of Finance organization and investment policy submitted by county Treasurer Sue Ann Mitchell, who also reported on interest earned over the past year in bank accounts that collect tax money. The county earned $69,949.71 in interest last year, which is $6,160.60 higher than 2014 and a move in the right direction, she said.

She also reported that two bonds mature this month after earning $1.2 million in interest, and that the last certificate of deposit she took out was at 0.87 percent interest, which she said wouldn’t have been too impressive a few years ago but is a big improvement today.
Also today, commissioners approved:
• The appointment of Dave Baumgartner to the Child Protective Services board and Greg Mitchell to the Lakeland Regional Sewer District board.
• The $9,800 purchase of replacement safety glass for the jail, which has an upcoming inspection, and $8,900 for new copy machines.

(Story By The Times Union)