County Interest Nearly Doubles, Commissioner Hears

The county earned almost twice as much in interest last year than 2013, Kosciusko County Commissioners heard this morning.
County Treasurer Sue Ann Mitchell reported that money held in several local banks garnered $63,789 in 2014, and another $49,000 was earned from municipal bonds. In comparison, she said only $69,000 was earned in 2013.
She said the county is able to gain so much because most of the banks accept property taxes for the county at no charge and then pay interest on the funds.
Also this morning, commissioners:
• Approved a six-month extension for Kosciusko Area Bus Service’s fuel contract. General Manager Kevin Planck said KABS normally spends about $70,000 a year on fuel, but that it used up much of its stock in summer, requiring the extension. KABS should also be able to get a better rate with the extension – $1.98 a gallon instead of $3.20, which he noted was a good deal at the time.
• Approved $2,500 toward the purchase of a 2015 model truck for the Emergency Management Agency at the request of Director Ed Rock, with the rest covered by grant money. Most of the money will cover the difference in cost, and the other $1,000 will be used to transfer equipment and purchase a truck cap.
• Received a report on the work release program from Sheriff Aaron Rovenstine, showing that 128 inmates were admitted into the Work Release Center and the county collected close to $400,000 from the inmates and the state to use the program.

(Story By The Times Union)