County Tax Payments Due May 11

Kosciusko County property tax bills were mailed the second week of April, according to Sue Ann Mitchell, county treasurer. 
Payments are due May 11 and Nov. 10 for 2014 payable 2015 property taxes.  Only one tax bill is mailed each year, which includes both the spring and fall installment coupons.
There are several ways to pay.
Taxes may be paid on the main floor of the county courthouse in the treasurer’s office, 100 W. Center St., room 215. There is a ground level entrance on the west side of the courthouse and an elevator to reach the second floor where the treasurer’s office is located.
An outside drop box is available for tax payments at the west entrance of the courthouse. The box is monitored by surveillance cameras outside the courthouse.
Tax payments may be mailed to Kosciusko County Treasurer, PO Box 1764, Warsaw, IN 46581. 
Spring payments must be postmarked by May 11, and if mailing on that date, it is important to have the post office hand cancel the envelope with the postmark date to avoid late penalties, according to Mitchell. Property taxes received with a postmark of May 12 or later are subject to 5 or 10 percent penalties.
“The drop box at the west entrance to the courthouse can be a great alternative to mailing the tax bill, especially on the final payment day,” Mitchell said.
Taxes may be paid at Crossroads, Campbell & Fetter, Farmers State Bank, First Federal Huntington, Lake City Bank and Mutual Bank. 
Taxes may be paid online with a credit or debit card at the county website, under the “Pay Taxes” link on the left side, with a 2.95 percent fee. Credit and debit cards may also be used by calling 800-809-5849, subject to a 3.95 percent fee.
Credit and debit cards also may be used in the treasurer's office with a 2.95 percent fee. The fee is retained by the credit card vendor; no part of the fee is retained by the county, according to Mitchell.
Along with the tax bill, property owners will receive a TS1 form, which provides information under “special message” on the property’s assessed value, exemptions/deductions and ditches, as well as a comparison to the prior year’s property tax obligation and a breakdown of where property taxes go.
“It is a great source of information that can be used to evaluate and compare property tax status from year to year,” Mitchell said. “The form will allow you to verify that you have the appropriate deductions.”
Taxpayers are entitled to one homestead credit in Indiana as evidenced by voting location, income tax filing location and vehicle registration location. Homestead credit forms do not need to be refiled annually. Taxpayers who need to file for the homestead credit or any other deduction should contact the auditor’s office. 
If taxpayers are currently receiving a homestead credit on their property, but should not be, they must contact the auditor’s office to avoid penalties, Mitchell said.
Tax information is available at the Kosciusko County under “Beacon Online Mapping.” Taxpayers may view real property, personal property and mobile home property tax information; real property record cards; and maps, as well as other information related to the property. 

Taxpayers with questions on their tax bills may contact the treasurer’s office at 574-372-2372. 

(Story By The Times Union)