Cruz Fans Wave Signs Downtown

Under the warm, sunny sky Sunday, about 14 Ted Cruz supporters took to the corner of Center and Detroit streets to wave signs for the Republican presidential candidate.
The activity started at 2 p.m., and another sign wave is planned for 2 p.m. May 1.
Teresa Martin, Kosciusko chair for Cruz’s campaign, said she was with Heidi Cruz, Ted’s wife, Friday night at the campaign’s grand opening of the Fort Wayne office.
“She just stressed how important this election is. We have judges that will have to be replaced so it is so important we get someone who stands on the Constitution. Ted memorized the Constitution as a young teenager,” Martin said.
She said there are so many lies out there about Cruz.
“It’s getting people actual facts that is so important in our ground game of going door to door, making face-to-face contacts,” she said.
Martin said what she’s discovered of going door to door for the campaign is that people are grateful that someone has actually come to them and helped point them in the right direction.
“That’s our ground plan, to just go door to door and letting people know we have a choice this time. We’re always just spoon fed. We’ve never had a choice. Indiana is a very critical point right now, so it’s important we get people out and we get people out to vote for Ted,” Martin said.
She said she’s out going door to door every day and welcomes volunteers to help her. Contact Martin at 260-578-0725 or via email at or
“It’s pretty really a pleasure meeting people all the way from Silver Lake, the southern point, to up to Leesburg, Atwood, Etna Green and Mentone. We’ve been everywhere and it’s just not me. My team works with this whole program because we believe in one thing: Our country is at a dire point of a redirection,” Martin stated.
Bob Moore came down from Goshen to participate in Warsaw’s sign wave for Cruz because he heard about it and is “enthusiastic” about Cruz. He said he bought 100 Cruz signs to put up in the Elkhart area.
“I believe in it. I took a look at the alternatives and I think this is the only alternative that makes any sense for me,” he said.
He said there were four reasons why Cruz was the best choice for him.
“One is, the positions he stands for are Christian positions. They’re Constitutional positions. His personal life has been consistent with that. I look back at someone who has three wives and who knows how many other experiences and I’m certainly not going to go there. I’m certainly not going to go with a Socialist or a Communist or a felon, so that leaves me with Ted,” Moore explained.
Finally, he said Cruz has what it takes to deal with the serious problems the U.S. has now.
“Some of these other people, even if they had the right motivation, are unable to do it,” Moore continued. “I’ve listened to what he’s had to say in his policy speeches and it’s well reasoned and it makes sense. It’s consistent with experiences in world economics, world trade, world immigration control. (His) taxes approach makes great sense, it’s very straightforward. Ten percent flat tax with the only exceptions being charity and mortgage. So that gets rid of all the special interests all at one time. That’s great.”
Cruz said he would stand against Obamacare and “he really did, he stood strong,” Moore said.