Curt Nisly (Photo supplied)

It was just four years ago when a future state lawmaker named Curt Nisly was headed toward victory over  Rebecca Kubacki. Following his election as District 22 state rep, Nisly soon became a firebrand for far-right proposals such as protection at conception and constitutional carry, the gun legislation that could allow gun owners to carry in all 50 states.

But aligning himself with such causes is not settling well with State Rep. Dave Wolkins who served as Nisly’s mentor early on.

As you may recall, Wolkins came under attack from National Association of Gun Rights, which tried to lump him in with criminals for his lack of immediate support to allow guns in places like city parks and other traditional gun-free zones.

Nisly, who was honored by the group weeks earlier for his stand on constitutional carry, stayed on the sidelines when Wolkins came under fire.

Weeks after the May primary,  Wolkins – a member of the NRA – said he will continue to oppose  the group and is fed up with Nisly.

Wolkins said he finds it interesting that Nisly touts the idea of representing his constituents’ opinions even though a large majority in his District 22 oppose constitutional carry.

“I’ve given up,” Wolkins said. “I’m not going to help in any way, shape or form.”

“He’s burned every bridge he’s had,” he said.

Nisly could not be reached for comment Friday.