Deer Task Force Archers Set For Sept. 7

    A training date for veteran Deer Task Force archers has been set for 6 to 7:30 p.m. Sept. 7 at the Warsaw Police Department.

    Only former archers will be invited to return and qualify for the deer reduction efforts this season. New applicants will not be accepted into the program for this year.

    According to information provided by Jeff Grose, city councilman and Task Force chair, veteran DTF archers are defined as being “archers who have successfully participated in the reduction effort for a minimum of one year since the inception of the program.”

    There will only be one day for training this year. Due to very low numbers at the Saturday training time the past few years, the single training date for archers will be Wednesday, Sept. 7.

    In the information, Grose stated, “We have been able to maintain a core group of committed archers in our program the past several years. We believe this group of veteran DTF archers is large enough, they know and follow our strict guidelines, and they have a proven track record of safely taking deer in our declared reduction zones. Adding new members into our program has been very positive, but new members require more training and oversight which puts an increased burden on our dedicated volunteers and the administrative team at the Warsaw Police Department. We will obviously evaluate the impact this ‘only veterans may apply’ policy has on our program after the 2016 reduction effort.”

    More information, forms and applications for veteran DTF archers can be obtained on the city website at Warsaw.IN.Gov. The DTF link is located within the police department webpage.

    Those interested in the program will also find the following updated links:

    • Returning DTF archer application form for 2016
    • Private landowner information and application