DNR officials: Fish kills in Kosciusko County shouldn’t worry anglers

There’s been a recent uptick in fish kills being reported in Kosciusko County lakes.

However, residents and anglers shouldn’t be worried, according to the Department of Natural Resources. Dead common carp have been discovered at Barbee Lakes, Hoffman, Ridinger, Robinson, and Winona lakes and Lake Wawasee. Also at Lake Wawasee, a variety of different fish like adult white bass, bluegill, crappie, largemouth bass and bullhead catfish have been found dead, along with Syracuse Lake.

DNR fisheries biologist Jed Pearson says fish kills aren’t uncommon in spring months. The cause of the fish kill in Kosciusko County lakes could come from a variety of factors. For instance, a viral pathogen could have killed the carp while stressed fish caught and released by fisherman could die upon hitting the water.

DNR officials don’t feel there’s any cause to worry about diminished fish in Kosciusko County lakes, but are asking you to report any stressed or struggling fish or anything unusual about the water in the lake.